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Bidders Q&A

How do you become a bidder?

Our online platform Equip-bid that hosts our online auctions using state of the art security to protect all our bidders.

  1. Create an online bidder profile on 

  2. Create Account with 5 Basic Questions

  3. Get your assigned bidder ID # (example Bidder # 12345)

  4. Card will not be ran unless you WIN!


Previewing Your Items 

    1. Preview dates will be given on your bidder dashboard for selected auction. 

   2. Contact Information for Affiliates is located directly below address at top of each page. 



Scheduling a Pick Up Time 

  1. Sign in to your (Equip-bid Account) and View Dashboard Tab 

  2. Click on Invoices (located on bottom left side of page) 

  3. Find the Auction Title and select Schedule Pick Up Time  to the right of auction title 

  4. Pick a time slot on the date provided (you're only provided date team will be on premises) 

  5. Make sure to bring packing and wrapping supplies for all winning items. ( We do not supply packing material for all winning bidders.) 

  6. As long as you schedule a time slot on given date or make contact with affiliate handling auction on load-out date, you will not having any issues getting your treasures. 

Missed or Did Not Schedule Pick Up

Refunds will not be issued if you do not make your scheduled time slot or do not schedule a time slot at all after the date of scheduled auction pick up. 

We're bound to contract with our seller to have the items settled within a given time of the auction ending. For that reason we do not give additional dates outside of scheduled pick up date! 

Abandoned Lots 

 If your items are not picked up or contact has not been made with affiliate assigned to auction,  before end of load-out, items will be deemed forfeited. Our items are held in private estates and our access to property is limited after our services on load-out day are commenced. 

Nationwide Shipping

What You Need to Know

Shipping is not available after end of load-out. 

How do I arrange shipping?


an associate will be with you within 24 hours.  

  • Send Copy of Paid Invoice 

  • Confirm Shipping Info

How is Shipping Priced?

Shipping prices are determined by weight, size of package, and handling required for items shipped. USPS is standard for pricing. 

When are items shipped?

Packages are shipped out on Tuesdays and Thursdays before 1:00 pm.

Tracking is Sent Via Text

 Invoices MUST be paid in full before items will be removed from estate for shipping. 

How do I Pay for Shipping? 


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