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What is Our Process?

Whether we are conducting an estate auction, business liquidation auction or another type of auction, we primarily follow the same steps in our auction process. 

Step 1 | Consultation:

Contact us to schedule a free, no obligation, in-home consultation where one of our representatives will walk-through the property with you and discuss the unique needs of your situation and how we can best help you.

Step 2 | Marketing:

After a contract has been established, Treasure Nest Estates & Liquidations will go to work. Our team will begin photographing your property and advertising your auction. The marketing package includes advertisement with professional photography, specialty online websites, social media platforms, as well as conduct all buyer communications and questions. 

Step 3 | Set-Up:

Treasure Nest Estates & Liquidations will work seamlessly to prepare the property for your online auction. We also offer the ability to move your items off-site with an in-house packing and moving team. At an on location online auction, our team will merchandise your items with identifying number for each lot, we will pull out from every nook and cranny on your property to be presented for sale. Before your auction goes live, the family has a chance to look over and remove any sentimental items. 

Step 4 |During the Online Auction:

Treasure Nest Estates & Liquidations will professionally handle every aspect of the auction. We provide all staff and equipment from additional photographers, professional lighting, backdrops, tables, and barcodes.  

Step 5 | Post-Auction:

Treasure Nest Estates & Liquidation will issue the seller a check minus their commission and any other costs/fees (if applicable) within five business days. We can arrange a donation company to pick up any unsold items. We also offer professional, in-house post-auction cleaning services. 

Questions? Want to set up a free, no obligation consultation? Feel free to reach out!


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